Fee bows


All products are handmade from leather residual off-cuts. This means that all the products are limited editons.

Bow Fee is 9 cm wide and available on a hairpin or a head band. There're several color options possible, see the color sample options below.

The head band elastics are available in a few colors (see pictures.)

Notice that we've got 2 different sizes head band elastics, 1 cm and 7mm (7mm is perfect for baby's.)


If you choose for a head band we want to ask you to measure the head of your little one. So we can make a custom made head band.

Please don't forget to add your measured size


Please be informed that all Atelier Ovive items are handmade and made to order. We do our utmost best to fulfil all orders as soon as we can. The estimated lead times for most products is 3-5 working days, for specials 2-4 weeks.